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One of the best parts of a paranormal investigation is digging out your ghost hunting equipment, checking the batteries, formatting the memory cards, and packing it in a flight case ready for an overnight event at a haunted location.

Paranormal investigators take their kit pretty seriously and getting your hands on the right equipment is important, but some paranormal gadgets can be very expensive, and while they're nice to have, they're not strictly necessary for ghost hunting investigations.

We've put together a guide of the most cost effective, most popular, and best selling paranormal equipment to guide you through the process of putting your kit bag together. You can see the full list of recommendations below, but whatever you do... don't forget the batteries!

Paralearning Gift Voucher


A voucher can be used to access an online course to gain a qualification in the paranormal. Once reclaimed the voucher will give your friend unrestricted access to course material.

Amethyst Crystal Pendulum


A simple pendulum is by far the best trigger object you can use to try and make contact with spirits. It's cheap and easier to use than or...

Binatone Latitude 100 Walkie Talkies


With a range of up to 3km, these small but effective walkie talkies are perfect for a ghost hunter where you want to keep in touch with a...

Canon Digital Camera

Capturing photographic evidence is a crucial part of a paranormal investigation so having the right camera is important. As for what's the...

Digital Night Vision Camcorder

Make sure you never miss a thing in the dark with the low cost but quality video camera with infrared night vision and an LED fill light....

EMF Meter


Many paranormal investigators believe that ghosts and spirits can effect the electromagnetic spectrum. This low cost electromagnetic will...

EVP Digital Audio Recorder


A good quality digital audio record can be used to document an investigation as well as attempt to capture EVPs (Electronic Voice An EVP a...

Ghost Hunting Equipment Storage Box


Keep your kit in one place with this touch aluminium flight case. It'll also keep your ghost hunting gadgets safe and give you a look when...

Handheld Digital Anemometer


Knowing the atmospheric conditions during a paranormal investigation is important and with this handy tool, there's nothing you won't This...

Infrared Thermometer


Spirit manifestation is often associated with "cold spots," areas of the room where there is a sudden dip in temperature. This thermometer...

Interactive Flashing Pet Ball


This cheap pet toy is perfect for ghost hunts, just scatter them around the room as you would other trigger objects and encourage the...

K-II EMF Meter


An electro-magnetic frequency meter is an essential piece of ghost hunting kit and by far one of the most widely used. The K-II EMF meter...

LED UV Flashlight


Enhance your paranormal investigation with this 21 LED ultraviolet torch. The LEDs in this light are rated to last for over 10,000 of...

Motion Sensor Alarm


A cost effective way to detect movement in a sealed off room, if the remote controlled device spots anything it will give out an audible...

Olight S1R Baton II


This flashlight is incredible in every way. The turbo brightness setting is incredibly bright, amazing given the tiny size of the It a...

Ouija Spirit Board


This wooden ouija board with planchette and detailed instruction is an essential bit of ghost hunting kit, with seances being a common...

P-SB11 Spirit Box


The Spirit Box scans FM and AM frequencies for EVPs with playback via an internal speaker, the device is the most advanced of its kind.



The REM Pod, gets its name from it point of difference to other ghost hunting tools, it radiates its own electromagnetic field. flux used...

Rocketbook Smart Reusable Notebook


The two most common ways to log an investigation is to either use an audio recorder, or a notebook. This smart notebook is reusable, can a...

Thermal Camera For Smart Phone


This amazing, yet pricey gadget let's you convert your iPhone or Android smartphone in to a fully functioning thermal imaging camera. The...

Thermal Imager Camera


Instead of capturing visible light, these cameras can see the heat being radiated by an object, or the lack of. This gives you an of the...