REM-POD For Paranormal Research



The REM Pod, gets its name from it point of difference to other ghost hunting tools, it radiates its own electromagnetic field. Traditional electromagnetic flux meters used in the paranormal field are tuned to detect the fields produced by flowing currents of electricity or the radio frequencies emitted from broadcasting devices. Because the REM Pod radiates its own EM field it can detect much more, which in theory makes it easier for spirits to use the device to communicate.

The REM-POD has an EM Radiating antenna that detects energy disturbances & fluctuations around the antenna and displays any field disturbance using multi-coloured lights AND audible tones!!! The REM pod ATDD (Ambient Temperature Deviation Detection) has a telescopic antenna through which it puts out a EM field around the device.This EM field can be affected by persons or objects around it that conduct electricity. The lights on top will glow brightly depending on the frequency distortion and strength of the object (spirit or human) interacting with it. With the new ATDD(Ambient Temperature Deviation Detection) feature the Rem Pod will alert you of temperature changes using sound. A lower pitch means a drop in temperature, a higher pitch means a increase in temperature.

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