K-II EMF Meter For Paranormal Research

K-II EMF Meter

An electro-magnetic frequency meter is an essential piece of ghost hunting kit and by far one of the most widely used. The K-II EMF meter is the most popular EMF meter. The device is reliable, simple to use with nothing more than an on/off switch and it's highly sensitive, detecting fluctuations and spikes in the EM field from 50 to 1,000Hz. The device gives instant via five LED lights.

Easy-to-read LED light in darkness and sunlight.The special function five-led indicator represents different radiation values.

Used for ultra-normal-wave research and general EMF testing and helps to measure electromagnetic fields to identify equipment that generates high radiation and enables users to decide to limit exposure.

K=II flowmeters are often used during ghost-hunting and are also used for personal safety to identify potentially harmful high EMF radiation. Measuring a wide frequency spectrum of 30 Hz to 20,000 Hz, you can register a mobile phone with a distance of less than 2 feet.

The K-II operates on a single battery and reports EMF measurements in the five milligauss range. This makes the K-II EMF instrument an perfect tool for detecting mental activity and finding potentially harmful high EMF levels in a home or work environment.

The K-II flowmeter is known for its reliability and quality in the investigation of paranormal phenomena. EMF levels are measured to prevent potentially harmful long-term overexposure to EMF.

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