Hauntings & Poltergeists For Paranormal Research

Hauntings & Poltergeists

'Hauntings & Poltergeists' by James Houran and Rense Lange offers a multidisciplinary evaluation of parapsychology, drawing on fields like anthropology, philosophy, and sociology. Despite its age, the book remains relevant, providing a scientific understanding of hauntings and poltergeist phenomena for academics and enthusiasts alike.

Few people can claim the distinction of experiencing first-hand such occurrences as hauntings and the presence of poltergeists, but countless numbers of people are fascinated by these unexplainable events. Written by the world's most knowledgeable authorities in this field, the essays in this work promote a better understanding of the manifestations of and various reasons for hauntings and poltergeist phenomena. The experts come from such backgrounds as anthropology, history, philosophy, psychiatry, and sociology, and provide sober yet highly readable in-depth discussions of numerous ideas and rationalizations for hauntings and poltergeists, from a critical and scientific perspective. Divided into three major sections--sociocultural, physical and physiological, and psychological perspectives--this work provides an overview of each perspective and also addresses the general psychology of belief in the paranormal and how that belief relates to experiences with ghosts and poltergeists.

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