EVP Digital Audio Recorder For Paranormal Research

EVP Digital Audio Recorder

A good quality digital audio record can be used to document an investigation as well as attempt to capture EVPs (Electronic Voice Phenomenon). An EVP is a spirit voice which is captured, often the voice is caught by asking questions allowed during the investigating and although no sounds may be heard at the time, upon reviewing the recording voices and sounds can be heard.

Record MP3 audio quickly and simply, high-speed USB direct connection for quick file transfer. Optimised voice recorder reduces ambient noise for clearer recordings. Scene select lets you optimise settings for music, meetings and more.

4 GB built-in memory, expandable memory capacity with SD slot - the 4 GB memory stores up to 59 hours 35 minutes of recording (MP3 128 kbps stereo). Long battery life enables up to 55 hours recording (MP3 128 kbps stereo) - 2 x AAA battery supplied.

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