Investigating Ghosts For Paranormal Research

Investigating Ghosts

Benjamin Radford's 'Investigating Ghosts: The Scientific Search For Spirits' emphasizes balanced, measurable techniques for ghost hunters. Drawing on Radford's extensive experience, the book critiques ghost hunting methods, highlights the importance of a scientific approach, explores the psychology behind belief, and discusses the evidence needed to prove ghostly existence.

Ghosts have fascinated and haunted us for millennia. They appear in our campfire tales, films, books, and television shows as well as in our dreams and nightmares. Despite widespread belief in spirits and the popularity of television ghost hunting shows, scientific evidence for them remains elusive. Investigating Ghosts is the first book to examine the history and techniques of ghost hunting from folkloric, scientific, and sociocultural perspectives.

No mere armchair scholar, author Benjamin Radford's book is based on nearly twenty years of first-hand, science-based investigations and research. Investigating Ghosts will entertain and educate skeptics and true believers alike, separating fact from fiction about this timeless mystery.

Topics include:
Guidelines for scientifically investigating ghost reports
Analyzing photographic, audio, and video evidence
Ghost hunting equipment: What works, what doesn't
In-depth case studies of solved ghost investigations
Understanding the psychology of ghost experiences

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