Whispers From The Other Side For Paranormal Research

Whispers From The Other Side

'Whisper From The Other Side' is a comprehensive guidebook for capturing and analyzing EVPs, suitable for beginners and experienced ghost hunters. It offers practical advice, explores theories, and helps readers understand EVP research and form their own conclusions.

In 'Whispers From The Other Side', author Steve Higgins explores the mysterious world of Electronic Voice Phenomenon (EVP) - the unexplained human-like voices that are captured on electronic devices.

This comprehensive guidebook provides readers with the knowledge and skills to capture high-quality EVPs and effectively analyse them. Suitable for both beginners and experienced ghost hunters, the book delves into the various theories surrounding EVPs, including the possibility of spirits communicating with the living.

Through a combination of practical advice and theoretical exploration, readers will gain a deeper understanding of EVP research, learn about the best practices for conducting EVP sessions, and gain the skills to form their own conclusions about the validity of EVPs. 'Whispers From The Other Side' is an essential resource for anyone interested in the fascinating world of EVPs.

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