Ouija Spirit Board For Paranormal Research

Ouija Spirit Board


This wooden ouija board with planchette and detailed instruction is an essential bit of ghost hunting kit, with seances being a common practice amongst paranormal researchers during investigations.

Ouija Spirit Board game & Planchette with detailed step-by-step instruction how to use.

This is professionally printed image on high quality photographic paper attached to 3mm a4 size 12 x 9 Inches (~30cm x 21cm) strong and durable MDF wooden Board.
The planchette is handmade from same MDF wood and painted in black.

Package includes:
Ouija board
Detailed step-by-step instruction

Ouija Board History

A savvy businessman named Charles Kennard noticed this occult craze and set out to invent a kind of \"talking table,\" which would make it quicker and easier to reach the spirit world. Once he had developed a prototype Kennard asked the spirits what his invention should be called and the planchette spelled out \"Ouija.\" When he inquired what the bizarre word meant, they replied \"good luck.\" As in, you're going to need it.

The Ouija board was first marketed as a toy in the 1890s with no explanation of how it worked, just that it could answer questions about the past, present of future with uncanny accuracy, and that it would provide a link \"between the known and unknown, the material and immaterial.\" The mystery fueled demand, and perhaps sewed a seed that channeling ghosts might not be an entirely harmless activity. Aided by horror movies and countless urban legends, this sense of foreboding associated with the Ouija board has intensified over the years.

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